HHF team is composed of science and lay volunteers supported by professional staff dedicated to improving heart health and reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

We Can’t Do It Without You

​Healthy Heart foundation would not exist without our amazing volunteers, ambassadors and partners who are dedicated to educating their communities, donating time and ultimately transforming lives through heart disease education.

The support of volunteers allows us to reach people affected by heart disease and stroke through our “Here for you” program.

Through this volunteer program we aim to be there for people affected by a cardiac event or stroke who are feeling very scared, over whelmed and isolated in their recovery journey.

Many people that have been affected by a cardiac event like a heart attack or stroke will be feeling very scared about life after the event. Our volunteers are here to provide support across borders to survivors and their careers during their recovery journey. This program connects survivors and volunteers which helps to combat these fears and isolation, many of our volunteers are survivors themselves and provide after peer support from a point of we have been there and know how you feel.

Ways you can volunteer

This is where we have a survivor volunteer being a buddy to a new patient and their careers who has just started on their recovery journey after a heart attack or stock to offer support and combat the feeling of isolation during that trying time.

In this program we connect with volunteers across boarders who are just a call or chat away to offer support. Our trained volunteers offer support by call, skype, what’s up, HHF chat room to answer any of your questions about Heart diseases and offer support to patients and careers during recovery.

At HHF, we are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, working together to achieve our vision. If you are a like minded professional willing to give your time to serve with us we would love to hear from you. we can use your help   in our programs, we need more doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, lab technicians, dietitians, community development workers, counselors, sociologists, occupational therapists.

If you are interested in learning how you can volunteer, please contact us today!