Value Partnership

Achieving our mission takes teamwork and a collective effort, we therefore work with several stake holders and partners.

Partner with us to help us fight Heart diseases.

At Healthy Heart Foundation, we believe everyone should live longer, healthier lives. With the support of our passionate promoters and volunteers, key partners and a global network of relationships with leading scientists and like-minded organizations, we deliver lifesaving information and programs into schools, work places, social clubs, community markets, enterprise outlets and homes all over the country.

Achieving our mission takes teamwork and a collective effort, we therefore work with several stake holders and partners including government public health agencies, public and private health care providers, media, educational institutions, communities, etc. 

If you would like to partner with us we would be very happy to hear from you, please contact us

Partnership Alignment 

At Healthy Heart Foundation, we value collaboration, communicating and working together to achieve mutual partnerships with like-minded businesses and brands.

Therefore, we go above and beyond to work with partners that align with our values, and understand the value of Healthy Heart Foundation and our mission.

We’re passionate about delivering mutually beneficial partnerships to meet your business objectives. Corporate partners can make a significant contribution to the community by helping us to reduce the impact of heart disease and raising awareness of heart health.

From brand enhancement to corporate engagement, communication and activity programs, we provide businesses with the opportunity to do good by giving back to the community that supports their businesses and helping us in the fight to save hearts.

Strategic Partnerships 

We can work together to build a partnership that strengthens your commitment to reducing the impact of heart disease in Africa. Through partnering on key activity programs, including Community Healthy Heart camps, Run for your Heart,  Jump Rope squad, we can also offer creative ideas and program executions that align your brand to the work of the Healthy Heart Foundation across multi-platform solutions and a diverse audience.

Brand enhancement 

Strengthen your market presence by aligning your product or service with Healthy Heart Foundation programs. Connect with communities and donate a percentage of sales, or raise money to help fund high-impact heart research into the prevention, care and support for Heart attack and stroke survivors.

To find out more about how you can get involved and support  Healthy  Heart Foundation contact:  partnership@healthyheartfoundation.org