Fresh Start – Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation addresses the impact of a health condition on a person’s everyday life, by optimizing their functioning and reducing the experience of disability.

The Fresh Start – rehabilitation program serves a unique purpose in helping a person reach full recovery, with an ultimate goal of helping the patient return to a healthy and active lifestyle

Our rehabilitation program, expands the focus of health beyond preventative and curative care, to ensure people who have experienced a heart attack, stroke or had cardiac surgery can remain as independent as possible and participate in education, work and meaningful life roles.

With the rise of cardiovascular diseases, the need for quality cardiac rehabilitation services is rapidly growing, however in many parts of Uganda it is going largely unmet.

Healthy Heart Foundation in partnership with different care providers who refer their patients onto the program, provide eligible patients access to an 8-week multi-disciplinary supervised rehabilitation program which focuses on restoring the patient’s life to as close as possible to pre event state. We also focus on preventing another cardiac event from happening by empowering individuals to take control of their health by supporting them to make lifestyle changes that can minimize their risk of another event.

This program is for high risk patients and cardiac- event survivors who are ready to exercise. The HHF team includes physiotherapist, cardiac nurses, nutritionists, social workers, speech therapists, councilors and survivors who have gone through the program to provide support and coordinate with the patient’s primary health care team. Our programs are run in partnership with different health facilities, gyms and fitness centers who provide their premises for our programs in the community.

What happens in the Fresh Start Rehab program?

  • Fresh start can help you change your life style habits; our Rehab team works in partnership with your health care provider to design a program to help you achieve your health goals.

Many of our clients find fresh start rehab program very helpful during their recovery after leaving the hospital as it allows them to join a group to exercise and get support and special help in making lifestyle changes.

During your rehabilitation program you’ll…

  • Have a medical evaluation to figure out your needs and limitations. The medical staff uses this information to tailor a program to your needs.
  • Exercise using a treadmill, bike, rowing machine or walking/jogging.
  • Be monitored for a change in symptoms by a nurse or another healthcare professional.
  • Start slowly, following a safe physical activity program that gradually helps you become stronger.
  • Slowly move into a more intensive program that lets you work longer and harder.
  • Possibly begin strength training, if your doctor says you can.
  • Have your heart rate and blood pressure monitored.

Please contact us to find out the rehabilitation center nearest to you.