Our Board & Governance

Meet the board at the heart of the Heart Foundation.
Our board & governance

Governance Overview

Healthy Heart Foundation (HHF) is a private not for profit organization registered in the Laws of Uganda as a   Company Limited by Guarantee without share capital, that was established with the aim of prioritizing primary, secondary and Tertiary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, by improving awareness, training, advocacy, research, access to treatment and Rehabilitation services.

Our Vision: is “An Africa free of heart disease.” 

Our Mission: Building healthier lives by partnering to prevent, treat and manage Cardiovascular Disease”.

Healthy Heart Foundation Board

HHF board of directors determines strategy, while the management and operations teams are responsible for ensuring the foundation’s strategy is effectively implemented.  HHF has a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who provide expert technical advice that assist to provide advice and recommendations to the Board.

Generally, the Board have authority for approving:

  • Strategy
  • Annual budget
  • Annual reports
  • Healthy Heart Foundation organizational policy
  • Reputation and Risk management

Board Committees

The HHF Board is a skills-based board of 9 Directors. It has established the following Advisory Committees:

  • Risk, Audit and Governance
  • Heart Health and Advocacy
  • Research and Training
  • Finance and Investment
  • Development
  • Board Executive

The Board Committees have a terms of reference to govern their activities and meet regularly throughout the year to ensure the provision of appropriate advice and recommendations to the Board.

Chronic Care Model

HHF establishes the framework for programs and activities it delivers using the Chronic Care model.  These initiatives and activities are broken down into local and national level activities, whose performance is measured by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) approved by the HHF Board.

Good Governance

The HHF Board is committed to ensuring that standards of good governance are realised openly and with integrity, commensurate with the Foundation’s broader objectives. Part of the Board’s role in relation to corporate governance is to implement and maintain a culture of good corporate governance respected by both internal and external stakeholders. The Board recognises its role in overseeing the determination and implementation of policy frameworks that reflect good corporate governance aligned with the national Not-for-profit  Governance Standards.

The board continues to be committed to undertaking governance measures which strengthen relationships and processes to ensure that the funds raised by, or gifted to us, are used to carry out our mission – to prevent, treat and manage heart disease and improve the heart health and quality of life in the communities through our activities and initiatives.

Priority Areas

Our commitment to people who are socially and economically disadvantaged and affected by heart disease remain a priority. This focus includes:

  • Communities in regional, rural and remote areas
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds especially in the poverty corridors of major cities.
  • Refugee communities and people living on the Islands.

HHF also focuses on young people especially those from urban and more affluent communities where the prevalence of obesity is growing rapidly.  Although heart disease is typically diagnosed in adulthood, its roots are often found in childhood.

HHF is committed to raising awareness and prevention of cardio vascular diseases and their effects.