Community Outreach

In February 2020, HHF community educators conducted a cardiovascular disease awareness workshop in Greenhill Academy Kibuli where parents were trained on CVDs and the importance of introducing positive lifestyle changes in their lives and the lives of their children in order to reduce the chance of the children developing Heart diseases in adulthood.

Healthy Heart Foundation carried out a Training and screening of Rotarians of Rotary Club of Lubowa at Grace Gardens and on 28th February 2020, Training and screening of 52 Church of Uganda Clergy during their annual retreat at Lweza Conference Center.

Healthy Heart Foundation carried out a training of Kabaka’s Market Leadership at Muganzirwazza Conference Hall on 15th April 2021.The training was centered on knowing your numbers and lifestyle change choices. The foundation managed to train 30 market leaders from markets like Katwe, Kibuye, Bwaise 1, Bwaise-Ddembe, Mulago, Namirembe, Nankulabye and Munaku.


The foundation also partnered with Rotary clubs to raise CVD awareness and on 4th May 2021, Executive Director Rita Namyalo was hosted by Rotary club of Lubowa to give a talk on “Know your biometric numbers and reduce your risk of heart disease. She explained how CVD can have an impact not only on individuals, but also on their families and the entire community. Among the things highlighted were the role of health education, early detection and treatment of CVD, for the reduction of the burden of CVD in Uganda and worldwide.

Workplace Biometric Screenings


As part of the World Heart Month on  4th September 2020, HHF conducted a training season with all the Buganda Kingdom companies’ CEO’s about the dangers of CVDs and the importance of partnering with us in raising awareness through our Health Cooperate Partners program, following this workshop three kingdom institutions participated in the program and these included Buganda Royal Institute of Technical Education on 8th September 2020, Nkuluze Royal Treasury on 15th September 2020 and Banda Royal Palace on 16th September 2020.


World Heart Day 2020 and Official Launch of Healthy Heart Foundation

On 29th September 2020, to mark World Heart day 2020, HHF in partnership with the Buganda kingdom radios, Central Broadcasting Service CBS 88.2 and CBS “Emanduso” amplified the message of CVD risk factors and the importance for one to know their biometric numbers.

The climax of World Heart Day 2020 was the official Launch of Healthy Heart Foundation by the Katikiiro of the Kingdom of Buganda on 30th September 2020 in Mestil Hotel in Kampala were the foundation hosted 75 V.I.P guests including Ministers, Members of Parliament, Cooperate C.E.O, heads of schools, to mention but a few and had the event on live streaming around the world. The launch started with a free biometric screening clinic for every guest that walked through the doors.

After the biometric screening, the audience was addressed by senior cardiologist Professor Paul D’Arbela head of Cardiology Nsambya Hospital and Dr. Omagino John the Executive Director of Uganda Heart Institute among others emphasizing the gravity of CVDs in Uganda and the world and what each of us can do to reduce our individual risks and those of our families, and communities. 

Kabaka’s Markets Biometric Screenings

The Biometric Screening exercise organized in the identified markets starting with Katwe Market as soon as the training of Kabaka’s Market Leaders was done.  HHF reached out to a lot of people within and surrounding areas of Katwe Market with the lifestyle message and was able to screen a number of individuals.

World Hypertension Day 2021

To observe World Hypertension Day on 17th May 2021, Healthy Heart Foundation had different physical screening programs set up around the different malls in Kampala. The programs where organized under the theme “Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Control It, Live Longer”. Biometric screening activity included measuring blood pressure, blood sugar, height, weight, waist circumference and Body Mass Index (BMI) and the lifestyle message reached people in the different parts of Kampala and more of these will continue to be organized in the future

Training and Biometric screening of the staff of Buganda Kingdom Bulange

On the 23rd Sptember 2021, Healthy Heart Foundation organized training and biometric screening of the staff of Buganda Kingdom Bulange as they look forward to celebrating World Heart Day on 29th September. It was attended by top officals of Buganda Kingdom and media houses like BBS TV, CBS Radio and Bukedde TV.

Media Campaign Awareness

In an attempt to raise awareness about cardiovascular diseases as part of the media campaign awareness programs, Healthy Heart Foundation in partnership with BBS Television, CBS Radio, Buekedde TV, Radio One FM and Akaboozi FM were able to start off the awareness by hosting HHF doctors on health programs a partnership that is still on-going;